Did you know?

Pheno-hunting is a crucial practice in the production of premium craft cannabis.

Through careful selection of the best cannabis plants based on their unique genetic traits, we are able to create new, exclusive, and exciting strains for our customers.


Each individual cannabis seed represents a unique phenotype, which expresses a combination of dominant and recessive genetic traits inherited from its parents.

Phenotypes are the set of observable characteristics of an organism, including its physical appearance.

At CLEAN GARDENS, we started with over 500 individual seeds of our signature CBG-127 genetic strain and now have to select the best phenotypes.

Our main goal is to reduce these 500 phenotypes to a handful of keepers that express distinct terpene profiles.

Join the hunt!

Join us on the pheno-hunt journey and help shape the future of our genetics through the Phenologgbook.

This book will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts on each individual phenotype you have encountered so far. We will take your feedback into account when making our final selection, and each pheno-hunt will identify at least one fan-favorite phenotype voted by you!